Why is every relationship

I maybe, almost had

prefaced by “almost?”

Like remember that time

you almost admitted that

you liked me and I almost

did the same and we almost

could’ve been something

and it’s almost a shame

that you left and I moved on.

You almost complimented me

but thought, “hm, better not,

I’ll just insult her instead

and hope she knows that I like her.”

I’m almost not any better.

I almost asked you out

but played it off as a joke

like hahaha, you almost thought

I was serious?


And I almost texted you a month later

but saved it as a draft.

I almost sent it again

but moved it to the trash.

Maybe you almost called me

or maybe you didn’t.

I’m tired of guessing.

I almost want you to tell

me how you really feel

but maybe this is my fault

because I almost don’t

want to know.



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