an open letter

If I were a text message, I would not say, “hey, what’s up?” I wouldn’t keep it simple or overly casual. I wouldn’t worry about being “too obvious” or “too eager.” I wouldn’t be a “yeah, that’d be cool” in response to, “we should hang out sometime.” I’d be a, “what time are you free?” Upfront. To the point. Shameless. Calm.

Sometimes, I would be “k.” Misunderstood. Taken out of context. Overanalyzed.

I’m misread, sarcasm mistaken for seriousness.

I’d be a double text because after I said something stupid, I’d realize what I actually wanted to say and words are important to me.

If I were a text message, I would be a paragraph with lots of stories and questions.






I need the details.

If I were a text message, you’d see me because I wanted to talk to you or ask you something. I wouldn’t just make a regular appearance for no reason. I don’t want to just chill in your inbox all the time,




I’ll get bored. It’s not a fun place to hang out, and I know that somewhere else, someone would read every word. Someone would take the time to understand. To answer. To think. Their response wouldn’t have to be long or complex or overly thoughtful.

But they’d simply be there, in my inbox, waiting to be




If I were a text message, I’d be a paragraph length story in response to “hey, what’s up?” I’d be a long story in response to “what are you doing this weekend?” I wouldn’t be a “cool” in response to your story, or an “oh.”

If I were a tweet, frankly, I’d be more than one. I wouldn’t be just 140 characters. I’d go on and on and on. Not because I’m overly interesting or complex, but because I babble. I tell stories. And I tend to not hold back.

I’m a shameless double text. I’m a who, what, where, when, why.

If that annoys you, I could send you less. I could be “hey, what’s up?” and “oh cool.” But don’t expect to read or know more. Don’t expect me to “open up more” if you left me, in all my honesty, unread.


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