Today I was talking to my brother about my ideas for research projects. He responded by saying, “you’re such a nerd. Who thinks about that while they’re drinking coffee?”

I do. 

To me, “relaxing” means taking time to just think and reflect and look at the world. I do this by coming up with my own ideas, but also by reading stories. I love reading the news and keeping up with world events. However, sometimes I’m so busy that I feel as though I’m missing out on a lot of news. When I go a whole day without checking the internet for news, I feel uninformed. But I don’t want to spend the whole day online, scrolling through my twitter feed. 

This is where The Skimm comes in. The Skimm is an amazing email newsletter that comes on weekday mornings. I can read it while drinking my coffee without feeling the need to constantly check twitter. I’m usually so focused on whatever it is that I’m focusing on. So focused that drinking coffee just becomes some sort of routine. So focused that the conversations I have are muffled, even nearly muted. So focused that I start doubting myself. I love thinking, but lately, regret has overwhelmed my thoughts.

What am I even doing?

And why?

What if…?

What if…?

What if…?

I don’t want to have regrets. I don’t want to spend all of my time online. I have this problem where I think I have to do everything and know about everything. I’m so concerned about “everything” that I miss the something. I completely disregard how important that “something” is-how important the possibility of “something” is. Sometimes, I want to focus. Sometimes, I just need to sit back and skim. And that’s okay.

I’m learning that it’s okay. 

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Disclaimer: This is not a sponsored post. All opinions are my own. 

Dream big,



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