Spark Change

“Why are these things not taking place in the midwest?” – Brent Comstock

This is a question I find myself pondering quite often, and Brent Comstock verbalized it at TEDxYouthDay @ Hewitt. Today I’m reporting on TEDxYouthDay (watch the livestream here), which is an amazing and inspiring opportunity that I am beyond thankful for.

Brent comes from Nebraska, which is most certainly not Los Angeles or New York City. But why are we under the impression that good things can only happen in those kind of places? That we can only “be someone” in the city? That we can only change the world if we’re surrounded by skyscrapers and stories and people?

People have stories everywhere. It doesn’t matter where you come from; you can go anywhere, you can be anything, you can change anything. 

The power to spark change resides within you, not within the town you live in. Be an innovator. 

As Brent Comstock said today, “Innovation doesn’t take place by going through a door that’s already open.” 

Big cities seem to have tons of open doors, making change appear more accessible. That’s not truly the case. But every small town and big city has numerous closed doors-numerous journeys locked tightly away from the world. Don’t be afraid to open those doors. 

You can change the world.


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