At school, I’m The Quiet Girl.  The oh my gosh, does she ever talk? girl.  And perhaps I don’t announce all of my feelings or thoughts to the whole world.  Perhaps I am a bit quiet, a bit inside-my-own-head.  

But that doesn’t mean that my voice is only a whisper.

Speaking does not necessarily give someone a voice.  Voice is having something to say.  And it doesn’t have to be words thrown out into the air that sink through everyone’s ears.  A voice can exist within writing, art, fashion, facial expressions: nearly anything.

Voice exists within the sailor who loves the sea, breathing in the blue salty waves.  Voice exists within the girl’s vintage dress that she matched with her locket necklace and suede boots.  Voice exists within the band that taps their sneaker-covered feet against the stage with every striking note they play.  Voice exists within every wave, within every movement of a tree branch, within every hand picked outfit, within every strum of a guitar and every pound on a drum.  

In a way, the world is screaming.  Because something that may mean nothing to you is speaking to someone else.  

Though I may not verbally speak as much as some people, I still have something to say.  We all do.  Everyone has a voice, which is why I present to you my blog, A Paige Full of Words.

Dream Big,
Paige Sheffield


8 thoughts on “Introduction

  1. I’m generally regarded as the shy girl in school too and have really enjoyed getting the opportunity to express myself through my blog. Your blog looks great, I can’t wait to see more.

    xoxo Liza

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